Waterfall enrichment: the inevitable way to grow your sales pipeline

Waterfall enrichment: the inevitable way to grow your sales pipeline

In the last 3 months, I researched and talked to 57 of the fastest-growing B2B companies like Rippling, Brex, or Gorgias.

My goal? Understand what they have in common that makes their sales and marketing work so well.

Bad news, most of those companies use wildly different strategies. (I will discuss this in another article.)

But there is a golden nugget: they all use a specific trick.

Only a few companies are publicly talking about this. Yet it is so powerful that it will become the new standard in the industry.

In the next few paragraphs, you will learn what this trick is about, but more importantly, why most people don't realize how powerful it is, and how to apply it to get ahead of your competition.

Ready? Let's dive in.

The insidious top-of-funnel leak

Let's talk about your data vendor.

You know... The tool you use to get the contact information - email & phone - of a lead you want to reach out to.

But more specifically, what is the percentage of email and phone you get out of a list of leads?

In one word: their coverage.

I know, I know. It's boring.

But I want to convince you of one thing: you are not paying enough attention to the coverage of your data vendor.

You see, having a okay-but-not-so-great data vendor is a huge drag on your business. I will demonstrate why.

Sales is a funnel.

And the role of the Sales & Marketing organization is to generate more revenue by either:

• increasing the size of the funnel

• increasing the conversion rate at each stage

One of the simplest ways to improve the conversion rate is to target the right companies/leads.

This is good advice (obviously).

I could go on about the benefits of precise targeting for hours: Your sales reps do not waste time on low-value leads. You get better performing ads (which reduces ad costs). This even helps your product strategy: you build a product for a specific group of customers and serve them well!

Now, what happens if you couldn't find the contact information of... let's say, 40% of your leads?

You still have to meet quotas.

If you want to contact 100 prospects, now you need 165 people on your list.

So, you broaden your targeting criteria:

  • Your sales reps waste time calling not-ideal prospects.

  • People waste time creating extra-long lists of prospect to compensate.

  • Some opportunities stall in your pipeline because, even if the prospect showed interest, they are not the right customers.

  • Ad costs start rising, etc.

Here's another way to look at it: missing out on contact info is like having a leaky top-of-funnel. And everyone in the company is working extra hard to compensate instead of patching it.

And in the meantime, you have prospects that fit your ICP perfectly, waiting for your call. Like diamonds hidden in plain sight. But you don't have their phone / email…

It's easier to understand it with a diagram.

I know, I know. I am being overly dramatic here.

But you get the point.

However, you might say "No vendor has a 100% enrichment rate."

You are right.

We will cover that next.

The never-ending quest for the right data vendor

This section will be brief.

I wish I could provide a one-size-fits-all recommendation: "Go with that vendor, all the top growing companies use it."

However, the problem is that it depends on the countries, personas, company sizes, and industries you are selling to.

Some vendors excel in specific industries but struggle with others. This is even more apparent with countries. Some providers have a 50% enrichment rate in some countries but only 5% in others.

That's why 50 out of the 57 companies mentioned at the beginning of this article do not rely on only one vendor.

They stack multiple vendors on top of each other.

What if you could use all data vendors ? Introducing Waterfall enrichement

There is an interesting fact about data vendors: their databases of contacts don't really overlap.

It means that if you can't find the contact information of a lead using LeadIQ, you can try with Lusha and still succeed.

That's why the waterfall enrichment technique is so powerful.

Basically, it looks like this:

Even better, if you have an email, you can test its validity, and if it's not valid, you can continue with the waterfall.

The hidden benefits of waterfall enrichment

The obvious benefit of waterfall enrichment is to increase the number of leads you can reach, while maintaining the same targeting criteria.

If you increase your enrichment rate by 67%, your pipeline will grow by the same amount.

That's easy to get.

However, the hidden benefit of waterfall enrichment is that you will be able to expand into new markets way more easily.

These new markets can include different:

  • company size

  • country

  • lead persona

  • industry

You won't have to wonder if you have the correct vendor anymore.

The cost of doing waterfall enrichment in-house

One big downside of creating a waterfall enrichment pipeline yourself is the cost.

1. The upfront cost: You need to pay up to 5 figures upfront because most premium vendors require yearly contracts (such as ZoomInfo, Lusha, Cognism, LeadIQ, etc.).

2. The operational cost: YYou use a +$70K/ year employee to set up the system, monitor and maintain it (including handling rate and credit limits, and managing incorrect data).

This may be worth it if you have $100m from VCs in the bank to fuel your growth.

However, not everybody has that kind of money.

This is why we have created FullEnrich.

How our "done-for-you" Waterfall Enrichment works.

Here is how FullEnrich works:

1. You import your leads using:

  • a CSV

  • our API

  • or using our chrome extension that imports leads straight from LinkedIn Sales Nav (beta)

2. We run the waterfall enrichment across multiple providers (we add new ones every week).

• You don't need to have an account on each platform: we manage that for you!

• If you already have a contract with some providers, you can bring your own API key.

• We clean the data and check if emails are valid.

3. You export your enriched leads:

  • CSV

  • Directly to CRM/Outbound tools (coming soon)

Here are 9 reasons to consider FullEnrich:

• The highest enrichment rate you will ever have.

• No yearly contract.

• You don't have to manage the unused credits scattered across multiple vendors.

• You can pay as you go.

• We check the validity of every email we provide.

• You don’t have any technical complexity to manage.

• We have tested dozens of vendors to select the best ones.

• We are GDPR and CCPA compliant.

• Competitive pricing.

• You can expand to new markets without worrying if you have the right vendor.

In short, we are the final destination in your quest for the best enrichment platform.

Why? Because if we can't find contact information about a lead, nobody can.

Find the



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Build a list of leads filled with contact info.


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you couldn't reach before

Find the emails & phone numbers of your prospects.

Stop missing opportunities because you cannot find your prospects' emails and phone numbers.

Trusted by the fastest-growing agencies and B2B companies:



you couldn't reach before

Find the emails & phone numbers of your prospects.

Stop missing opportunities because you cannot find your prospects' emails and phone numbers.

Trusted by the fastest-growing agencies and B2B companies: